Custom Ketubah Order Form 

 A custom ketubah is an original work of art made just for you.

Here you'll find information on the process + a questionnaire for you to fill out. The questionnaire helps get the creative juices going and lets me know you a little better before we chat.


1. Fill out the form below.

This will help set a clear vision for what you’re looking for in your ketubah. It will also get your creative juices flowing if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Let's talk :)

I’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk after receiving your submitted order form.

3. Collaborate

In our conversation we’ll discuss your vision for your ketubah: your ideas + design preferences (colors, size, themes etc) and ketubah text options.

4. Design

The creative process includes a round of sketching based off of our conversation, proceeded by a check-in to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the design. After the sketches are finalized + text is approved by officiant, I’ll begin the actual ketubah.

5. Delivery

When your ketubah is finished, it can either be picked up from my studio in Brooklyn or it will be shipped via USPS (with tracking / insurance + signature required, unless waived) AND you have yourselves a beautiful + rockin’ original work of art to live happily-ever-after with you.


Custom ketubot can take anywhere between 3-6 months depending upon the design process and response rate of officiant’s approval of text. Prices range between $1800 - $5000+ depending on design + materials.

**I ask for a 50% deposit before starting on the final ketubah and the rest to be paid at the completion of the ketubah or in payments depending upon agreement at start of work.

Name *
Phone *
Wedding date *
Wedding date
Do you have a specific vision or idea in mind for your ketubah? (No worries, if you don’t… that’s why you’re hiring me!)
What’s your inspiration? (maybe your favorite season, a color, your hobbies, even your bridal bouquet can be a source of inspiration)
Your ketubah is something that you will have forever, so think about your aesthetic; What you will want to look at for forever? What do you definitely NOT want to look at?
Do you love squares? Maybe you’re more circle people? Rectangles are cool too. The ketubah can really be any size + shape. There’s also creative freedom for the text to take on a nonconventional form.
Watercolors on paper, acrylics on canvas, papercuts, Gold Leaf... I’m open to any materials you’re interested in and always ready to explore new mediums as well.
What are your colors? Do you have a specific palette in mind? • lighter pastels or bold/bright colors? • warmer tones or cooler tones?
Do you have any specific images or text that you would like to be incorporated?